Saltwater Goosebumps.

I left my lover because
she never read the book that changed my life
and couldn’t listen to the album
that moved me so deeply
with enough intention
to please me.

I abandoned the camera
because stars stopped falling and
the ocean got too cold
and too deep
to crash into at midnight.

Saltwater goosebumps drew the most
attention and
love was literally born in a bonfire.

I traced the outline of your dreams
with my fingertips
in a prison cell
and reflected on that time
we met a girl named Coral at the beach
who wanted us to save the ocean.

I climbed a coastal mountain
foraged for flowers at midnight and
felt my own heart swimming
in a warm bath of moonlight.

You painted all the things
I thought could change the world
and flower stems became celebrities
cut down by paparazzi.

Sometimes I wish
I was small enough to curl up
in that dark space behind the books on a bookshelf
and thrive off their magic.
Nothing to eat,
no need to sleep,
just feeding words into my veins
by a dripping IV.

I trusted the wind
but the truth is deceptive;
I was led astray again.

Stacey Jean


Inspired by an instagram post by Tiffany, “Champagne, though your heart is breaking.”


Getting back in the game.


Open your ribs
Break open
Broken open
You’re inside
Crawling around
my insides
I found you
my pinky toe
so small
But now
I can’t walk
Why won’t you leave
I want you to stay

no subject 1

you asked how I would describe the way I feel
about you
For about a year
or so
I walked past the library
going in occasionally
I picked up books, read a bit
too busy to finish
but also
There was a book I’d seen a few times
That book is advanced, not too difficult to understand
but intimidating in it’s content
One day though
while I was leaving the library
it fell off the shelf; I picked it up and
the cover was absolutely brilliant.
(I can hear Harry Potter saying brilliant)
I read the inside forward
First page
Second page
I didn’t want to put it down.
I still don’t.
I think I might have to
I want to keep reading
But I don’t know how long I can keep this book for.

.Desert Home.

The creases of your hands
fold like a book
around the earth,
envelop me,

My words make their way
on these lonely pages
across state lines
and into

How quiet, the moon’s collapse
not even a siren
or a scream
to hear

The sea keeps the pieces
hidden in her gut
glowing like worms
barely alive,

I can’t break the surface
of my own escape
my hands incarcerate
my own

The day drenched by summer
and desert twilight heat
here, you arrive
to find

Stacey Jean Speer


Like feathers
that casually make their way up the wind
you float your way
to my third story window
reciting poetry with
vocal chords that
get rusty with the rain.

I sip tea
from a mug
the color of new Mexico —
the same shade as
flowers that grow
inside of airport goodbyes.

You make your way
I stay in place
Not even the sun
pressed like a flower in between
the deep pages of the sky
could draw me from
this wooden floor.

We painted over the mess, but
it still chips away
exposing oceans and attics
clinging to boot scuffs and
human skin and former attempts
at a fresh start.

Stacey Jean


Where there is life
there is a gap
like the boredom that picks at you,
trickles down your neck
in a sweltering kitchen
summer afternoon.
Blue breeze
always so inviting
the color of salty ocean air.
A heart-shaped space
the volume of a planet
like romanticized mornings.
I want to spend
more time
in nature
so I buy succulents for my apartment.
I want to see the world
I hang maps
and contemplate the purchase of a globe.
But my legs ache
from static
weary knees from doing
so little scraping
and too much contemplating
about how to be
more interesting.

Stacey Jean

Book Safe.


I’m attempting to make a book safe.
I’m not sure how it’s going so far. We’ll see.
My mom responded:
“I thought you meant you were trying to keep your book safe from falling or getting damaged.”
No, mom. I’m doing all the damaging.


The Arrival

This was a sketch I began on July 4th…and have been working on it a little at a time on breaks from doing illustrations for a has evolved quite a lot..and it finally culminated to this piece entitled “The Arrival”

..been so busy lately that I just keep painting but not having the time to make posts and what not..but busy is good right?….happy hunting everyone!


Mess Up

Kelsey Brookes

I can never get my camera to wind the film completely…


Sketching out and about!

been away a while…dealing with life..but im baaaaack! good to see everyone pumping away!